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Uscooters Eco

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Category: Scooters

Type: Scooters


✔ 16 mph of complete joy

✔ Up to 18 Miles on 1 charge!

✔ Weighs less than 24 Pounds

✔ Regenerative front and rear brakes

✔ 6.5Ah 24Volt Lithium-Polymer Battery

✔ Zero Start and Cruise Control Equipped

✔ Fully charged in 2.5 hours

✔  8in Airless Wheels


✔ Digital Display

✔ Front Headlight with 6 Bright LED's

✔ 6 LED White Lights

Product Description

Uscooter has features similar to a car: Cruise control, adaptive lights, temperature, led lights or horn.

Uscooter's classy craftsmanship: With it's aluminum frame, two large wheels, an adjustable handlebar, a platform, and a rear shock absorber that absorbs bumps in the road to make your ride more comfortable Uscooter is the classy scooter on the market. 

Very compact:  Folds to 37×5.3×11.8 inches. Making it easy to carry and store (desk, in a suitcase or in a locker), and it is virtually unnoticeable at your feet or under the seats on a bus or train.

Shock absorbing, anti-noise system:  You are assured riding comfort because of a spring shock absorber located under the platform. It is linked to the actual wheel rubber and is designed to absorb vibrations from rough sidewalks and to reduce the noise from friction.

Large mud guards:  Efficient front and back mud guards allow you to use it on wet surfaces by making sure you are well protected from splashing water and mud.

An adjustable handlebar:  The handlebar height can be adjusted in two fixed positions.

A super-fast folding system:  To carry Uscooter, you can fold it up with one click of the lever on the platform.  Folds in 3 fast steps: the handles, the handlebar height, and the platform.

SECURITY - Very Stable:  Uscooter’s design, it’s weight distribution, and it’s structure allows it to be naturally stable and easy to control even for a person who has never ridden a scooter. 

Never deal with flat tires: Patented  8 in airless tires.

The main functions and features: The most economical vehicle in history.

Regenerative Braking System: Uses KERS (kinetic energy recover system) by regenerative braking , for this reason the range was increased 60% or more. Also found in Formula 1 cars. 

It’s an ecological, economical and practical way to get around.


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