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Uscooters Booster S+ Sport 36V 8.7AH Powered by E-Twow

Uscooters Booster S+ Sport 36V 8.7AH Powered by E-Twow

Uscooters Booster S+ Sport 36V 8.7AH Powered by E-Twow


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The Uscooters Booster S+ Sport Powered by E-Twow is one of the highest quality folding electronic scooters on the market. Weighing just 24 lbs and with a 500W motor, this emission-free scooter can reach a top speeds of about 23-25 mph and travels up to 20 miles on a single charge*. Its unique regenerative braking system helps charge the scooter’s battery when the front magnetic brakes are applied. Patented airless tires and front and rear suspension provide a smooth ride with no maintenance needs.  The bright color LCD screen relays all the information a rider needs to track.  Equipped with front and rear braking and lights.

In addition to a cruise control feature, the scooter’s three-point folding system makes it a convenient and practical choice for commuters. Get yours today and help lead the push toward a new era of urban mobility.

*Range based on the weight of rider, speed, temperature, and inclines


Technical Specifications


    A 500W motor with a 650W peak powers a top speed of up to 22 mph to get you where you need to go quickly and safely.


    Travel up to 20 miles on one charge. Fully recharge your scooter in just 2 hours.


    A regenerative braking system recharges the battery when the brake is engaged.


    Weighing only 23.5 lbs, easily fold, carry or stow your Uscooter at any point in your trip.

Uscooter Booster Plus

    The new color display helps you track all the information you need and improves visibility in strong sunlight.


    The scooter's folding system increases portability. Conveniently carry or stow your scooter on the subway or in your office.


    A higher standing deck not only improves clearance, but also allows for a stiffer suspension making your ride smoother.


    Patented polyurethane airless tires are coated with rubber composite and outfitted with improved treads—increasing reliability and enhancing performance in wet weather.