Returns & Repairs


The Uscooters/E-twow warranty is a 1 year parts only warranty with a 9 month or 1200 mile battery warranty - whichever comes first. Battery warranties are for total failure not reduction in range over time.

 Battery warranties are for total failure only not loss of range.  Water damage voids any parts or battery warranty.  Customer are responsible for all shipping costs on any parts that are sent out from our warehouse under warranty. The customer is also responsible for all shipping costs to and from our warehouse if the scooter is sent in for repair. Labor is not included but can be waived in some cases if the scooter is shipped to our facility during the first 45 days after receiving scooter.   Water damage voids all warranty covered parts so please use good judgement if using in light rain.  Our scooters are water resistant not waterproof with a rating of IPX4 so avoid puddles and heavy rains.

  • Only the original purchaser (name listed on the shipping address) is entitled to the limited warranty coverage which commences on the day the scooter is received by the customer. The warranty period is terminated on the first day of the second year of ownership, or when the scooter is resold or transferred to another individual (warranty is by no means transferable under any circumstances).

The PARTS ONLY warranty covers this product for one year from the date of purchase and includes a 9 month battery warranty for total failure not a deduction in range. This warranty is limited to what is defined as “normal use” of the product; examples of activities or uses that would void the warranty include: exceeding the weight and/or speed limits (check individual model specifications as weight and speed limits differ); impacts resulting from collision, dropping, water damage or improper use.

While the products are designed with water protection in mind, they are not intended to be ridden in heavy precipitation or standing water above 2 inches high. The scooters are water resistant not water proof so avoid heavy rain and deep puddles.

Warranties are solely for the original owners and not transferable

Consumables such as tires and inner tubes are outside of the scope of the warranty. We stock a wide variety of parts such as tires and inner tubes, batteries, control boards, chargers, and other components in the U.S.  We can repair or replace faulty parts that fall outside of the warranty at an additional charge.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or normal wear and tear including but not limited to, riding on dirt or uneven surfaces, damage due to excessive sun exposure, damage caused by improper handling or storage, damage caused by impact, damage caused by use in contravention of local law, or damage caused by anything other than defects in material and workmanship. Water damage is not covered under any part of the warranty.

Parts purchases have a 60 day warranty for defective parts only. Defective parts must be shipped back to our service center for inspection before warranty can be approved.  If parts or scooters are damaged by water or dropping of the scooter they will not be covered under any warranty.



 Warranty parts are on a parts exchanged basis only, buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Repair services are available with the cost of labor not included through our network of dealers in the United States and Canada or by shipping the scooter back to Uscooters. The buyer must pay all shipping costs when returning scooter back to the office for repairs. Normal wear and tear, damages caused by abuse, accident or lack of reasonable care, non-observance of the instructions for use, poor maintenance, and modification of the product are not covered under the warranty. A replacement part shall be covered for the time remaining in the original product’s warranty


We only accept returns of new never used Uscooters within 10 days of receipt of scooter. The scooter must be in brand new condition with no miles and never used. The scooter must also be in original packaging with all boxes and parts. There will be a deduction of a 10% restocking fee and the buyer is responsible for all Fedex charges to and from our warehouse if a scooter is returned for a refund.

If the product is dead-on-arrival, for domestic purchases, we will cover the shipping costs for returning it back us. For other warranty related repairs, the Customer will need to cover the shipping charges to & from our repair center. For International Customers, because of the high shipping costs for warranty related spare parts, you may need to cover these costs.

Uscooters goal is to create a product that can deliver 100% customer satisfaction in both the product and customer service.

Parts returns are only accepted in the first 12 days after receipt of delivery and must be brand new never used. If a part is returned a 10% restocking fee and shipping costs will be deducted from refund. Parts orders all have a 60 day warranty from date of purchase for defects only.  No wear and tear items or parts damaged by a drops, falls or water will be warrantied.



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