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The Uscooter is the premier electronic scooter leading the push toward a new era of urban mobility. With zero emissions, this light-weight, fully foldable electric scooter is a commuter’s dream.

Why Uscooter?

Our technology is what separates us from the competition. Weighing only 23 lbs. and outfit with a three-point folding system, the Uscooter Booster Plus is the lightest and most portable scooter on the market. The battery accommodates 18-20 miles of travel before needing to be recharged and reaches a top speed of 18 mph. Patented airless polyurethane tires coated with rubber composite provide a safe and smooth ride with no maintenance required. A regenerative braking system recharges the scooter battery when the brakes are applied and an LCD display shines brightly, even through strong sunlight, to keep riders informed.


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