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More than just a vehicle, discover THE USCOOTERS Experience and enter our New Era of Urban Mobility!

USCOOTERS embodies the vehicle of the future and with our innovative technologies we offer a high-performance with never before used characteristics for an electric kick scooter.

USCOOTERS has a 3 point folding system and an under 24 lbs, that makes it occupy little spare and enables you to carry it anywhere.

The USCOOTERS has kinetic energy recover system (KERS technology), so that the autonomy can be increased with up to 50% by simply pressing the magnetic brake and the energy consumption reduced!

USCOOTERS offers a safe and comfortable ride with front and rear suspension, double braking system by hand activated magnetic brake and foot activated rear brake, airless tires, horn and headlight with automatic headlight start sensor and security options such as kick start, cruise control and maximum speed limit.

You can always check your speed, battery level, total and current trip mileage, ambient temperature and activated functions, through the electronic display.

USCOOTERS is an incredible fusion of a classic scooter with the performance of an electric motorized scooter.


The main functions are as below:
The most economical vehicle in history.

Regenerative Braking System: uses the KERS (kinetic energy recover system) by regenerative braking , for this reason the range was increased 60% or more. And this system is also used in Formula 1 competition and hasn’t been used in scooters yet.

Weight: only 23.8 lbs which is the lightest electric scooter in the industry.

Brake: it uses magnetic brake (without any friction), and it is very smooth, safe and comfortable.
Brushless DC motor is on the front inside the airless tire which is from Chinese military technology.
LED light sensor for the screen and light, which will be automatically on when the light is poor.

Fully portable: can be fully folded and carried easily, the whole folding systems nobody has been using till now (patent).
Very easy to operate and maintain.
Airless front and rear tire, which is the technology used in the automobile industry. The whole scooter uses the front and rear shock absorbers to make the driving safer.

Cruise control: The scooter can be has a cruise control option that can be activated easily. You can switch the function off easily as well.

Zero start: The scooter can be set up so you have to slide the scooter a little bit manually before the motor will start automatically.

Uscooter has two large 8 inch wheels, adjustable height handlebars, a rear foot brake for emergencies.

But that’s not all, Uscooter’s electric power takes you farther, faster, and easier. Go wherever you want in one swift motion do to it’s overall motorization composed of a front wheel drive brushless motor, electronic controls and a lithium ion battery.

It’s an ecological, economical and practical way to get around.
Tired of traffic jams when you go to work? With the Uscooter, you can avoid traffic problems by riding it on the sidewalks and respecting the speed limit, in bike lanes, or on private streets. Plus, you’ll save time because this mode of transport lets you take more direct routes to your destination: you won’t have to rely on one way streets anymore.
Since it is compact and lightweight, you can easily take it on public transportation. When folded, it is almost unnoticeable and takes less space than a folded stroller.

Uscooter is the best solution when you are going to the bank or postal office, bakery or to the market, without taking the car and having to look for a place to park.

Uscooter is the best choice when you travel on weekend trips to New York, Rome, Paris, London. When you get off from public transportation, all you have to do is unfold your Uscooter, and your visit begins. No bus, taxi, or tram, you don’t have to rely on anyone and you’re free to take off and visit all your destination’s interesting sites. Getting about up to 21 miles in distance per charge, you’ll be able to get the most of your visit like never before! It’s a good way to go to exhibitions, concerts, covering more distance without getting tired of walking. A full recharge of the battery takes less than 2 hours.

When you travel by car you don’t need to bring your bike anymore. It’s so compact that it easily fits in your car trunk. Once you get to your destination, it lets you easily get to the beach or the swimming pool, to go to the nearby shops, or to ride along the seashore.

If you haven’t kept a close eye on your battery level, don’t panic! While most electric scooters end up in your arms once the battery dies, Uscooter is designed to let you use it like a classic adult scooter.

Never deal with flat tires

These tires being 5 times smaller than a normal bicycle tire, the probability of having a flat tire is also 5 times higher. For instance, if you are running out of battery and you have a flat tire you cannot use it as a normal scooter. Don’t worry about flat tires with Uscooter. Uscooter tires never-flat, shock absorbing tires require exactly zero maintenance. The tires are made with a military technology.

Never mess with chains

If you have a bike, you are familiar with having chain grease on your clothes or your hands when it derails. With Uscooter you have no chains, no gears, no noisy internal combustion engine — just a clean, quiet, gearless and maintenance free hub motor.

Who can ride a Uscooter?

With a simple design you don’t need a lot of training to manage it. Controlling is very simple and quick. Uscooter is an electric scooter for everyone: people who are short or tall, men or women – the only requirement is being at least 18 years old.

Uscooter is a best solution:

For those who want to take control of their time on the road, no matter what time they leave
For those who want to leave their car behind but don’t want to get to their destination all sweaty
For those who want to take the most direct routes without any constraints
For the curious, who like to take their time to stroll and look around instead of seeing only the exhaust fumes from the car in front of them
For those who are tired of carrying their bikes and other things weighing more than 15 kg (33lbs)
For lazy people who don’t like to pedal or run, but want to have fresh air
For those who don’t want to burden themselves or complicate their lives
For those who prefer the simplicity and discretion of powerful machines
For those who would like to get around as if they’re on a cloud: in fluidity and silence


Uscooter has features similar to a car like cruise control, adaptive lights, temperature, led lights or horn.

Uscooter has the features of a well-made classic scooter: an aluminum frame, two large wheels, an adjustable handlebar, a platform, and a rear shock absorber that absorbs bumps in the road to make your ride more comfortable. Uscooter’s strength is that it uses the technology of a competitive electric scooter.

Truly lightweight:

With an aluminum frame and the optimization of its size, everything was considered to minimize its weight without sacrificing comfort or security: at less than 24 lbs., Uscooter is the lightest on the market and allows you to easily carry it up and down the stairs or around a store.

Very compact:

When folded, it’s size 37×5.3×11.8 inches makes it very easy to carry and store (for example under a desk, in a suitcase or in a locker), and it is virtually unnoticeable at your feet or under the seats on a bus or train.

Shock absorbing, anti-noise system:

You are assured riding comfort because of a spring shock absorber located under the platform. It is linked to the actual wheel rubber and is designed to absorb vibrations from rough sidewalks and to reduce the noise from friction.

Large mud guards:

Efficient front and back mud guards allow you to use it on wet surfaces by making sure you are well protected from splashing water and mud.

An adjustable handlebar:

The handlebar height can be adjusted in two fixed positions.

A super-fast folding system:

To carry Uscooter, you can fold it up with one click of the lever on the platform. This is very useful if you have to carry Uscooter upstairs or into a building, etc. When you want to go, all you have to do is click the lever again, unfold it, and be on your way.

Folding it completely (handle, handlebar) can also be done in 3 fast steps: the handles, the handlebar height, and the platform.

Completely digital display:

This allows you to take advantage of all the information you may need. You can see your total riding distance, how far you’ve travelled since the last time you reset it to zero, your speed, the battery level, and as a bonus, it shows the time and temperature.


Very stable:

Uscooter’s design, it’s weight distribution, and it’s structure allows it to be naturally very stable and easy to control even for a person who has never ridden a scooter. This equilibrium is also seen in its parked position.

Double braking:

A standard feature of the Uscooter scooter is the double braking system. The regular handle brake is an electronic motor brake: the more force you apply, the more powerful it brakes. Uscooter also has a rear foot brake that triggers the motor brake immediately in addition to a friction brake on the back wheel. So whatever the situation is, if the first system is deactivated you can still use the foot brake.

The electronic brake activates energy recovery.
When the battery is completely dead, it’s very easy to use Uscooter as a classic scooter. In this case, you’ll have to use the foot brake.

Lighting system:

Uscooter is equipped with a lighting system made up of 6 powerful white LEDs.


Because we share the road with other users (pedestrians, rollers, dogs, etc.), Uscooter has a horn on the handlebar.


Integrated in the front wheel, there is a brushless customisable DC motor. You will definitely appreciate the nearly noiseless motor.

Battery life:

The Uscooter electric scooter is equipped with a 6.5Ah or 8.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery which slides right into the platform structure. It is protected from shocks and humidity by an airtight hood attached to the scooter’s frame. The battery has a life of about 40km (25mi) . The battery’s life depends on the riding style, the rider’s body type, and the amount of elevation change. Also Uscooter scooter is designed to compensate for some of these effects by recovering energy while stopped. The more you brake, the more energy you recover (up to 10%).


Driving your Uscooter is done by 2 thumb actions – to accelerate and to brake. You accelerate with the right thumb. The more pressure you apply, the faster you go. You can go up to 18 mph with the Uscooter Booster model. However, we remind you that riding scooters on sidewalks is limited to 6 km/h (3mph).

Rate of charging the battery:

The battery can be fully charged between 1.5-2 hours. It gets the charge from a standard electrical outlet with the compact charger.


Uscooter scooters has one year parts warranty and 6 months warranty for battery or 1,500 miles - whichever comes first.

Independent controls:

At the end of production, an independent factory expert inspects the Uscooter scooter to make sure it is compliant with the conditions of contract.

Being an actual user:

The best way to satisfy our customers is to be our own customer and use our products daily. We test them in real conditions to validate our promises to our customers and identify situations that our client can meet in use. You’ll find our suggestions in the notice delivered with your Uscooter scooter. For instance do NOT submerge it in more than 3 cm of water, use it for freestyle riding, take it apart, cut it, or modify any of its original parts.

Please understand that not respecting these recommendations indeed cancels the contractual guarantee.

Feedback from our customers:

We expect our customers to share their experiences and let us know what they’d like to see changed in the evolution of our product.