For any questions you may have that are not answered below, or for more details on answers to questions below, please be sure to reference the user manual that came with your Uscooter or access the user manual here.

What is the maximum distance I can travel with a full charge?

Up to 31 miles on a charge depending on model. Calculated at a constant speed of 12 mph on a flat track with a load under 165lbs. Rated up to 280lbs.

How long does the scooter take to charge?

The total time needed to restore a full charge is between 2 and 4 hours depending on model of scooter using a regular wall outlet.

Is there a speed control system?

The right thumb accelerator controls the speed (read the user manual that comes with your purchase for additional instructions). The Uscooter’s speed is fully customizable through the central control unit and the maximum speed will be limited accordingly to specific country legislation. Most countries cap the top speed for electronic scooters at 14.6 mph (24 km/h). Most countries also require that sidewalk traffic adhere to a 3 mph (6 km/h) speed limit.

How does the scooter’s braking system work?

The brake is operated using the left thumb panel, which activates the electronic magnetic brake. The greater the pressure applied to the thumb panel, the greater the braking force. Always apply the brakes with finesse and avoid applying them too suddenly, especially the first few times you ride the scooter. We recommend practicing to acclimate yourself to the brake sensitivity before riding in more crowded urban areas.

The Uscooter also has a rear friction foot brake, which is recommended in case of the need for an emergency stop. Uscooter is not responsible for damage of property or personal injury to riders. For further details on the braking system, please reference the user manual provided with the purchase of a Uscooter.

Is there a cruise control feature?

All of our models except the GT SE and GT Drum have a cruise control option. After turning the option for cruise control on, use the acceleration right thumb for 5 seconds at a constant speed and the cruise control will be enabled.

Does the scooter ride comfortably?

Yes! The front and rear suspension, patented polyurethane airless tires are coated with rubber composite that makes riding the Uscooter quiet and smooth.

What are airless tires?

The patented airless hollow core tires are low-friction and also require no maintenance.

Does the scooter battery need to be replaced?

The Uscooter’s lithium battery can be recharged at least 500 times. With continued normal usage it can be recharged more than 1,000 times.

What is the scooter’s warranty?

The standard parts only warranty is a 1 year warranty on parts and on the battery or 1,500 miles - whichever comes first. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs of parts or scooter if necessary to be shipped to our warehouse for repair. Labor is not included but can be waived if the scooter is shipped to our facility.

In the case of a battery issue, can I install the battery myself?

The Uscooters battery is designed to be replaceable by the user (requires tools). For instructions on how to replace your Uscooters battery, please refer to the appropriate section in the user manual provided with your purchase or contact us at for step by step instructions.

The battery is located inside the standing board and is securely sealed (to make it theft and water resistant).

Can I easily fold and unfold the scooter?

Yes, the scooter has been designed to fold easily. Instructions on how to fold your scooter can be found in the user manual. It is a 2 step process where you push on the red lever with your foot and push slightly forward on the handlebars.

Can the scooter ride over bumps or sidewalk edges?

The Uscooter can overcome small obstacles 4-10 cm high depending on the angle of the obstacle.

Does Uscooter offer any scooter accessories?

Currently, we’re focused on producing the highest quality scooters, but we do offer a few accessories. Click here to shop accessories.

What comes with the purchase of my scooter?

With the purchase of a Uscooter, riders will receive the following:

  • Scooter charger
  • Carry handle
  • User manual 

Is the Uscooter safe to ride?

The Uscooter is designed for adults and is not suitable for minors. The scooter should ridden by only one rider at a time. Below is a list of additional recommendations for maximizing safety with your Uscooter.

  • Wearing a helmet and other safety gear when riding is recommended.
  • Always follow local traffic regulations and do not ride in traffic lanes or on unsafe roads. Stick to bike paths.
  • Be sure to practice riding the scooter in an open area initially to get acclimated to the acceleration and braking.
  • Exercise good judgement in poor weather conditions. Avoid riding the scooter in the extreme cold, heavy rain, high winds, or on icy or oily terrain.
  • Adjust the height of the handlebars to a comfortable position for your height to optimize control.
  • Do not immerse the scooter in the water or spray it with water directly to avoid damage to the electrical parts.



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