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USCOOTERS powered by E-twow is the newest most technologically advanced ultra portable, stand up scooter in the world.  USCOOTERS makes getting to and from places fast and fun.  The USCOOTERS BOOSTER V model is lightweight (24.8 lbs) and foldable making it easy to carry anywhere and fast enough to go everywhere (18mph). 


USCOOTERS many options include front and rear suspension and brakes that use kinetic energy to recharge the battery as you brake.  USCOOTERS is powered by a front wheel drive 500-watt brushless motor and capable for up to 25 degree inclines.  It is also equipped with a digital LED display that indicates speed, remaining power, temperature, headlight status, and is equipped with a horn as well.  Cruise control and zero start features are also part of this option packed transportation option for the future.  



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