By John smith on July 30, 2016

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I owned one booster E-twow for the last few months and it has been working as advertised. My longest trip was around 13 miles and it had still a lot more battery left for probably another 5 miles. It can climb very well and it goes up to 19/20 mph.

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By Dylan H on June 28, 2016

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

This scooter has dramatically improved my commute, which is a part of my daily life.

I live in New York City. This scooter is so much more convenient than a bicycle. You can take on the train, into your office, or even into a restaurant. You don't need to carry a lock. It handles rough roads well, and it outpaces the cyclists and is more maneuverable around obstacles than a bicycle.

I love this thing and am grateful to its designers and creators. Long live the E-Twow Booster!

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5.0 out of 5 starsPerfect for city life! Love it! By Sacramento Steve on May 25, 2016

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

A few months ago, I purchased the Etwow Booster scooter, and I've put maybe 50 miles on it so far.

I'm live in a medium-sized city - Sacramento - where you can still mostly drive/park anywhere around downtown/midtown, but a car isn't really needed. We're also big on biking here too. My Etwow is pretty much the only way I get around town now or run errands - here are a few reasons why it's so excellent:

1) Let's talk about the product itself - it's an exceptional balance of speed, range, and portability. I'm a big guy - 6'4 and 225 lbs - and this scooter gets up to speed just fine, and will haul me around for a good 12+ miles and reach a 17 mph cruising speed in less than a city block. At 25lbs, and with a nice, fat handlebar to grab on to, it's easy to carry around anywhere. It's plenty comfortable, especially as you get accustomed to riding it. It charges in a couple hours and takes up little room..

2) Securability - we're big on bike theft here in Sac. It doesn't matter how much of a piece of junk your bike is, some idiot will eventually steal part (or all) of it if it's left outside, even in a nice area...even in a crowded area. The Etwow probably isn't as easy to lock up as a bike, but that's not relevant, because I can bring it inside wherever I go. I can carry it in a shopping cart with my groceries, toss it under a table at a bar, or even stash it with the hostess at a nice restaurant (ask nicely!), and it slides under the bed or couch at home. My bike was a pain to always lock up and it took up too much space in my apartment. This scooter is never locked up, but it's never unsecured because it is always inside. It'll fit just fine in the trunk of a car, closet, etc.

3) It's just fun - yah, you look like a big dork riding it. I don't care. Pretend to drag race bikers, talk about your sweet hybrid motorcycle, offer have people 'hop on the back,' (not an option). Just own the dorkiness, damn the torpedoes, and who cares if folks make jokes (this may be easier if you're a 6'4 male, I imagine). That being said, it's awesome and I get lots of compliments and questions about the Etwow. Also, on a hot day (I run warm and can get sweaty), it's so very nice to feel the breeze and not exert effort to get a few miles across town. For me, it's the difference between being a sweaty mess or looking presentable when I arrive at my destination - that's worth a lot. Also, again, it's just plain fun to scoot around town or down the bike trail at 17mph without exerting yourself.

4) Convenience - the amount of time I save by not having to find parking for my car or a place to lock up my bike is wonderful. You literally hop out of your front door, scoot across town at just under 20mph, and scoot right up to the front door of your destination before taking 5 seconds to fold the scooter in half and carry it in. With traffic, and stop lights, you're pretty much going at the same speed as cars anyways most of the time, but you don't have to park and pay. For some people, this scooter could make the difference between owning a car or only occasionally having to rent one. I'm sure it's far better for the environment and saves gas $$$ as well.

Is it perfect? No:

- The head light is OK for folks to see you, but it doesn't light up the road, at all. My locale is fairly well lit so this is not a big problem. A $20 headlamp would fix this for you, if needed.

- The brakes are...OK. I'm sure they'd be more responsive for a smaller person.

- Hills - well, small grades are fine, and that's it. Again, I'm sure a small person would have less trouble.

That sums it up. Grab one and enjoy it!

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4.0 out of 5 starsVery, Very Good... But Not Perfect

By Sandcrawler on May 21, 2016

Color: Black|Verified Purchase


Please note that the company that makes this has changed names. It used to be known as E-TWOW (short for Electric TWO Wheels -- not a name that rolls off the tongue). They are now called Uscooters. They still maintain some of the old ETWOW websites (rather than redirecting traffic to their new site: [...]

Also, I've logged over 160 miles on my Booster scooter, and it is still going strong. I'm also a big fan of the front-wheel drive, especially the way it powers over streetcar rails, metal plate edges, and other streetscape obstacles.

I've been using mine with the following lock:
Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 Bicycle U-Lock with Transit FlexFrame Bracket (3.25-Inch x 5.5-Inch)

The lock is not too large or heavy, and I've mounted its carrying clip to the handlebar shaft, where it is easily accessible, but not in the way. The lock comes with a $2,000 guarantee -- enough to replace the scooter, if it comes to that.

I lock it through the diagonal crossbar from the deck to the handlebar shaft. It is too small a lock to slip over the deck or the front fork, but large enough that I can lock it to most bike racks, street signs, or parking meters. If I am not going to be absent for very long, sometimes I will just put it around the handebar shaft, but a thief who knows how to fold down the handles might be able to get it off. So far, so good.

The rest of my review remains unchanged; here it is:

So I've had this for most of a year now and ridden in in a variety of weather and road conditions prior to writing this review. The ETWOW Ecoboost is quite a good scooter, but there are a few shortcomings that bear mentioning.

Why not 5 stars?

1. Hard to fold. The red release mechanism is quite, quite stiff, especially when the scooter is brand new. I had to tap mine with a hammer to get it to release at first. Lubrication helps (for a while). It also gets easier the more you use it. But the design as-is is deficient.

2. No key. I lock my ETWOW up on city streets as I would any other bike, and leave it unattended. Anyone who wanted to could turn it on and mess around with it, running down my battery or damaging it. This hasn't happened (yet), but the fact that it can is bad. There should be a key-operated master power switch.

3. Electric-regenerative braking. These brakes are not very good. As other reviewers have mentioned, they are rather abrupt, but worse than that, they cannot stop the scooter very well when at top speed - sudden collision hazards may only be avoidable by jumping off the scooter and running it down. The electric-regenerative brakes are also quite jerky: steady pressure on the brake thumbswitch yields intermittent and unbalancing deceleration that is unpredictable and jarring. The rear friction-brake is not situated in a way where it can be easily or quickly used when riding in a normal stance (both feet flat on the deck), so it is basically worthless.

4. Loud. Not the motor itself, which is very quiet/nearly silent, but the scooter itself. Especially on rough asphalt, the scooter tends to rattle and clatter a lot, making a lot of noise.

5. Slightly under-powered going uphill. Slows down quite a bit going up medium slopes. Can be aided by pushing like a traditional, unpowered razor scooter, but I wish it had the torque to maintain top speed up a ~8% grade.

6. Wet/slushy conditions may result in getting spray from rear wheel on your back. Try cutting a section of bristles from a hand broom and securing them to the rear fender to prevent this.

That's it for gripes. Well, except for the fact that you look silly riding this thing, but that's just life, and I can live with it.

Here are the pros:
1. Has worked flawlessly since I bought it, in a variety of weather and distances.
2. Love how easy it is to get in and out of the house, compared to my bike.
3. Integrated headlight, tail light, and brake light mean no additional components to turn on/off for dark conditions.
4. Superb vehicle for urban environment with heavy traffic, limited parking, and high temperatures. May want glasses or goggles for cold weather - it goes fast enough that my eyes water. Payload can be an issue; backpack or a small, strong, cloth tote with handles that can sling over the handlebars help.
5. Able to traverse potholes, grates, and streetcar tracks successfully.
6. For transit, try folding it but leaving the handle bars extended, and "walking" it on its front wheel. Not a perfect solution, but minimizes space occupied and weight carried.

In summation, an excellent, fun, reliable way of getting around a city. The gripes I've listed are irksome, but do not negate the ETWOW Ecoboost's usefulness.


E-twow bats one out of the park with the Booster Scooter

By JP on April 26, 2016

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

There isn't much to say that others haven't already covered. I've been using all sorts of scooters, some with much higher wattage, torque, speed and horsepower than this and I can honestly say this vehicle far exceeded my expectations. While it's not the greatest or the fastest it nevertheless felt solid and secure on the road. The hub motor within the beefy front tire was strong enough to pull me up a NYC bridge with a very long incline. Normally my teeth would rattle from rolling over the expansion joints of the bridge but the built-in suspension of the E-twow dampened all that. This isn't an extended battery. In terms of range, my trips to and from work are short (roughly 3-4 miles each way) so I find myself running the scooter for several days before charging again. However, my longest and bumpiest ride took me over 8-9 miles from Brooklyn to Queens and I was still left with enough juice for the next day's ride. The regenerative braking does in fact recharge the battery when it is engaged, further helping to prolong battery energy. There is a moderate amount of heat output from the hub motor itself and you can feel it through the plastic. Whether or not that poses a potential overheating problem remains to be seen. It is highly recommended that you don protective gear in case something were to fail. The biggest skill one must master right off the bat is how to brake. As other reviewers have noted, the braking throttle and rear fender scrub brake are very grabby and jerky if you push too hard. Think of it as the brake pedal in your car, avoid the lead foot (or lead finger), and slowly ease into the stop. Of course in emergency situations you have little choice but to use that and the rear fender brake. This is where the brake's jerkiness can get very hazardous, with the possibility that the sudden stoppage could throw you over the side. I find shifting my weight and center of gravity opposite to that of the brake helps to mitigate that risk. This is something I've never experienced with other rear fender brakes. Again, protective equipment is highly recommended.
The rear tire is much thinner than the front and has a tendency to catch small spaces like the gap between pavement slabs. The vehicle can be used in the rain, though it cannot be submerged as stated by the manufacturer. Still there can be a bit of risk of slippage on the wet ground so I wouldn't bank too hard on those curves. Going slow is a must. I also found the rear fender fell a bit short of protecting me from splashes because it was kicking a stream of mud on the underside of my bag. I fashioned a mudflap using a bit of foam and gaffer tape to extend the length of it and fix this problem.
All in all, it's still a great vehicle and I would recommend it.



5.0 out of 5 starsthis scooter is better. My initial impression is that this scooter is ...

By Tony on April 5, 2016

Color: Black

From demo riding this scooter and the Eco Reco, I knew I wanted the E-twow booster. If for nothing else than the lighter weight, this scooter is better. My initial impression is that this scooter is well made with a solid feel and has a modern slim design.

The scooter has a full function LED screen that fits with its narrow profile. This gives it a look that resembles a regular push scooter. That design is helpful if NYPD starts staring and noticing my scooter as I whiz by. If needed, I can forgo the electric assist and start pushing with my legs.
The 6 LED front headlight lets others know I'm coming and it does illuminate the path ahead somewhat. I didn't know this before I purchased it but it has a small red LED light towards the back of the rear fender/brake. When you use the front magnetic hand brake or the rear step brake it glows brighter like a vehicle brake light. Nice feature.

I don't find the throttle or hand brake excessively grabby or abrupt. There is a learning curve and you should accept some non-smooth acceleration or braking. It's not an expensive sports car so I didn't expect such refinement.
It does fold up well so that I can stand it up and keep it along with my backpack between my legs when I ride the subway. No "Manspreading" here whether I have the scooter with me or not.

The dual suspension does smooth out the beautiful and well tax funded roads in NYC. The imaginary potholes and dips in the road are well navigated and forgiven with this scooter. It handles the sidewalk and road with confidence.

I'm getting the hang of collapsing the scooter with the red locking piece. I push the handlebars forward a touch and then push it with my foot.
Conversely, I'm learning how to raise the handlebars and make sure it locks into place. I've taken off with the handlebars not properly locked and I've been quickly stopped and had to raise the handlebars and push them forward aggressively.

As expected this does cut down the walking portion of my commute. Where walking took 10 minutes, I can cut that down to 4. On another route, as a pedestrian it takes 12 minutes, as a motorized pedestrian it now takes 5. Over time, that time savings will justify the initial expense of the scooter.

As a motorist that drives into the city, this will shorten the time it takes to go from the parking garage or parking space to your place of business.
It will also allow you to expand your choice or location of parking garage or parking space.


BEST. VEHICLE. EVER. Light, stealthy and powerful. Until antigravity comes along, this is what you want.

By drDHartman on March 27, 2016

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

For the reviews posted below (1) I have no connection with the company (2) I paid full price for the scooter (3) no-one asked me to write a review.

UPDATE: August 2016: I've been riding this pocket rocket around the city of Chicago, for the last 5 months, doing 5-15 miles of errands, work commuting etc. I like it more and more. Bicyclists come up to me, shake their heads and say 'I wish I'd gotten one of these'. You can do 10 miles and with regenerative braking, still have 90-100 percent power on the meter. I can wear it with a 40 pound backpack of food shopping, no problem. Not sure whether it's officially legal on the sidewalks, but it sure beats being a bicyclist in traffic and you can keep up with bikes in bike lands if you have them. The suspension does absorb bumps, but it's not a Lexus, so watch for large jumps in the pavement. The only conceivable improvements I can think of would be a larger rear light and a louder horn. I could probably spend 10 dollars and get bicycle versions for each. That's it. The only conceivable addition would be having a case available to fit it. I'm still looking for that.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: This little power puppy has taken the place of my car and bike in downtown Chicago. Kickable as a regular scooter then fold it and carry it into shops and buildings. It's luggable in a folded state. You can put it in your supermarket shopping cart. No kryptonite locks needed.

The looks are so subtle and stealthy that it appears almost identical to a plain scooter. No one will know that it's electric...until you sail up a steep hill and they stare at you like you are Mary Poppins! The regen brake takes a light touch but easy to get used to. There's a back wheel friction brake if you are really into downhills. The suspension smooths out city moon craters, but like all scooters do not try to ride it In a sidewalk or road groove. They hate that.

It's faster than you can reasonably go on a city street or sidewalk and if you're on the sidewalk you won't get hassled because it looks like a regular scoot, not a steampunk monster. Been riding this in 40 degree Chicago weather and am looking forward to full sun transportation. It's as much of a blast as a convertible or a motorcycle, and you can't carry those around! This is a great machine!


4.0 out of 5 starsExcellent customer support.

By Real Name on March 24, 2016

Color: Black

After reading the reviews here on amazon, I decided to buy the scooter. Overall the scooter is well made. The parts do not feel cheap and it feel quite solid. There is a little bit of wobble on the handlebar but it handles well. The battery lasts a long time and depending on your use you can go a week or so without having to recharge. All of the reviews about the scooter is quite spot on except one thing.

This scooter is advertised as the last mile solution for your commute. You get on the scooter, ride a mile, get on subway/public transportation, get off at the work stop and ride another mile or so to work. The problem with that is this should fold up and fit between your legs when you are sitting, or should be able to hold it while you are standing without taking too much space on public transportation. That you cannot do! It will take up a lot more room when folded up, and because of its weight distribution, you cannot hold and balance it without causing inconvenience to other riders around you. Its almost as if this scooter requires another seat (sitting or standing). For that reason, I cannot recommend this scooter if the primary purpose for which you are buying this scooter is to get on the subway/bus and save some walking time.

*** Update

I am upgrading my review to four stars. Because of couple of things:

1. Even though it does not fold compact enough, I figured out a way to make it fit between the seats without causing inconvenience to other riders.

2. The customer support was EXCELLENT! In fact it was one of the best ever. The handlebar broke after 4 months of use and I contacted the customer support to get a replacement. I was willing to pay full price for the handlebar but upon finding out the purchase date, the company sent me a handlebar free of charge as it was still under warranty. This kind of customer support is well worth the price and little bit of inconvenience. I am still taking away a star for not being compact enough.



5.0 out of 5 starsThis is an amazing scooter. I have never tried any others

By P. Mich on February 24, 2016

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

This is an amazing scooter. I have never tried any others, so I can't compare, but I use this every day on my short commute to work. It is SO MUCH fun. Feels like you are skiing on asphalt. Probably the best "toy" I have ever bought myself. Battery lasts quite a long time. Enough for me to make 8 trips back and forth to work. Speed is great.

I know the price is quite high, but if you are going to use it often, I definitely recommend it.

I read some reviews about the handles being kind of loose and shaky. They work great and don't bother me at all.

As of this writing my odometer has just passed the 125 miles mark. Loving it!



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